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Yesterday marked a significant leap for our specialist arm A-VR, in having their VR stills featured at SIGGRAPH 2017 in L.A., the world’s largest and most influential annual conference and exhibition in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Gaming software giants Unreal Engine demonstrated Datasmith, a beta that will help artists and designers to simplify the process of importing data into Unreal Engine from various modelling CAD programmes.

Datasmith simplifies and speeds up this process while also retaining the visual proximity to CGI’s. It also provides a high-fidelity translation of numerous common scene assets like geometry, textures, materials, lights and cameras, which results in significant time savings when importing the data.

We were honoured to have our work featured as the main images for Unreal Engine’s demonstration and very excited about continuing to test and push the software forward while being at the forefront of virtual reality content creation.

To see more of A-VR’s work, please visit: a-vr.co.uk

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