New bid to rescue Cumbernauld ‘icon’ and move it to London’s Barbican

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Great to finally be able to announce our involvement in this incredible project to relocate the Cumbernauld Centre to London saving its demolition and preserving its brutal beauty within the wonderful Barbican setting. Various locations are being discussed with the planners

Rescue talks to relocate Cumbernauld’s demolition-threatened Brutalist shopping mall to the Barbican estate are ‘very real and progressing’, the AJ can reveal

Insiders say a consortium of local authorities, leading art groups and philanthropists have joined together to try and ship the controversial 1967 block to London so it could become a ‘part-artwork, part-art gallery’ to ‘rival the V&A’s purchase of a fragment of Robin Hood Gardens’.

North Lanarkshire Council has said it wishes to flatten the block and replace it with a lower-level Town Hub as part of a wider multimillion-pound programme.

However, the demolition plans have shocked fans of the building, who have lauded its unashamedly robust exterior and ‘astonishing’ interior spaces. The council’s intention to pull down the behemoth has also raised concerns about how the loss of the 1960s structure would result in huge carbon costs and significant material waste.

Now, the AJ understands, plans are being worked up to give it a new home in London’s Square Mile

Richard Waite – The Architect’s Journal