Goldsworth Road Plans Approved

Jacquelyn Jubert Animation, architecture, Press, Public Realm, Verified

AVR London were recently commissioned to work alongside EcoWorld, JTP and Montagu Evans to help secure planning permission at Inquiry for their new pedestrian friendly town centre masterplan in Woking. The scheme consists of 929 residential units, commercial uses at ground floor and a homeless shelter within 5 buildings of varying heights ranging between 9 and 37 storeys all focussed around the pedestrianisation of the eastern end of Goldsworth Road. We are delighted to say that the plans were approved!

Alongside the usual full set of verified views, AVR London brought innovation and technology to the inquiry including 2 animations from 2 key routes into Woking (1 from the train) which meant that crucial details of how the blocks stood together could be portrayed, something that would have been impossible if using the traditional method of fixed position verified views.

“Representing the experience of nearly 8 million passengers per year, visualising the Goldsworth Road masterplan from Woking Station was integral to the inquiry. The process required us to fully model the entire station, tracks and any buildings visible from the train. The final result was realistic, immersive, showed off the quality of the architecture and helped the inspector understand this important perspective”

Matthew White – Director AVR London

The approach by JTP has been “focussed around the pedestrianisation of Goldsworth Road which has been repurposed as a new public space designed as a multi-functions piece of green infrastructure.” Retaining and improving current community facilities whilst bringing a high number of new homes to the area has also been paramount in the design. AVR London were able to visualise how this ambitious scheme would fit into the surrounding urban fabric of Woking using interactive 360 degree visualisations and aerial photomontages. This work alongside the excellent work of JTP, EcoWorld and Montagu Evans concluded with the planning inspector granting planning permission and describing the scheme as a “well-designed, high-density development that would enhance the image of Woking”.