I Saw it Whole : A Virtual Deconstruction

Jacquelyn Jubert Anise Gallery, Events, Real Time

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For their next exhibition AVR London have partnered with Anise Gallery to challenge the traditional binary of different media, in the hope of merging the technological and fine art.

Now that virtual reality is becoming more commonplace in various industries, Anise Gallery are exploring how this might function in the art gallery space. Following  our previous collaboration ‘Virtualrealism’ in June 2015, ‘I Saw it Whole : A Virtual Deconstruction’ takes these ideas further and, for the first time, allows the viewer to enter the artwork and fully comprehend the process of this intriguing medium.

Using an artwork from the gallery’s latest exhibition, our Real Time artists have created a virtual environment allowing visitors to walk through the picture, make and discover their own path and ultimately lose themselves in the creativity of Scarlet Mueller’s beautifully delicate woodcuts.

A little removed from our usual use of these newest technologies perhaps, but an eye-opening lesson into the creativity and versatility that it allows  so why not embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unreal at ‘I Saw it Whole : A Virtual Deconstruction‘ at Anise Gallery from 17 September – 16 October 2016.

Watch our exhibition trailer here