Launch of Real-Time Service

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Real-Time 3D visualisation (RT3D) for use at concept or marketing stage is a new direction in architectural illustration being employed by forward thinking architects and developers.

We can now offer real-time visualisation of your scheme enabling your clients to roam freely around the development, creating an immersive experience within which the user can interact, much as they might in a game environment – for example, changing the sun/shadow position, switching between different materials, design/furniture alternatives or opening doors, all in real time. It can be a very convincing tool for presentations, either as part of a competition, to sell the design, or as part of a marketing effort to sell the development to potential buyers.

The focus at AVR London is on creating a polished, vivid experience which looks as good as our static CGIs.

Here is one of our most recent examples using Unreal Engine 4 comparing “real life” to “real-time”.