Virtual reality environments pack a visceral punch, forging strong, unforgettable imprints on memory. Using the most advanced real-time technology, we create fully immersive, interactive, virtual reality environments, viewable through a VR headset.

Architects and interior designers can captivate clients, as can developers wishing to more innovatively market their property to buyers. Marketing and PR strategies can include this to better connect with their audiences through big impact, experiential, events or marketing suite demo’s. The uses are endless.


360 virtual reality and renders
We can create 360 views, stills or 360 moving image, viewable through a VR headset, or on mobile and desktop. Townscape consultants and council planners can see how a new scheme fits in with the existing skyline or immediate environment, and share publicly. Marketing companies can make more of an immersive statement, sharing content that will connect with the consumer at home.

Virtual reality for design development
Increasingly, designers working at the cutting edge – be these built environment, product, vehicle designers or other – are realising the value of virtual reality as a design development tool. Options for materials, lighting, furniture or form can be viewed, swapped or altered in real-time, within the design team and with the client. It can minimise wasted time and improve the design experience.

We are one of the first adopters of ‘VR in VR’, at a commercial level. Designers can compose creations within a virtual reality environment.


London Business School + Sheppard Robson
A new era in fundraising

The London Business School is expanding, it is creating a cutting-edge teaching and learning facility called ‘The Sammy Ofer Centre’ designed by architects Sheppard Robson. We created a fully interactive virtual reality walkthrough of seven spaces, to help garner support for this ambitious scheme at their prestigious annual alumni event.

Our demo with both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets attracted an excited crowd. Impressed with the ability to live and breathe within a space yet to be built, we soon had a line out the door! The Campaign for London Business School has surpassed its £100 million goal in less than three years. An incredible achievement.

The Courthouse, Horseferry Rd + Barratt London
Real vs virtual – a stand-off

A proof of concept exercise for Barratt London. We created a virtual reality version of their newly completed lobby area for The Courthouse on Horseferry Rd, London, designed by Conran and Partners. This ‘real-time’ versus ‘real life’ exercise proved the photo-realistic quality now achievable using real-time technology. It puts to rest any concerns around virtual reality environments still looking too much like a computer game. See for yourself


Anise Gallery – a virtual experience
Art imitating life

Anise Gallery has international ambitions and wanted to attract an international audience. How better than to build the space in virtual reality and invite all to attend its latest exhibition? The model can be re-used for each exhibition, with artwork swapped and altered in real time. This helps with how to hang each show prior to opening. It also allows the gallery to invite attendees from all over the world to attend the show in virtual space, if they cannot be here in person.

Church of the Light, Tadao Ando + beer brand
Amplifying brand engagement

Approached by a leading filmmaker and composer, we created a virtual reality model of one of Tadao Ando’s signature projects, the ‘Church of Light’, Japan.

Our model was used to test the sensations one might feel within a VR environment of Ando’s serenely contemplative space. Its effect was said to mirror the effect of drinking a particular notable Belgian beer brand. This brand was to commission an acclaimed architect to design them a similarly serene conceptual space. It was our job to demonstrate the effect achievable within VR.