RIBAJ Eye Line Winners Announced

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You+Pea London ‘Tokyo Back-Up City; Medal 01’ | Tuan Jie Hu: Li Han – Cubisms View of an Old Residential Area | Neil Spiller ‘Skybadium and Hippordrome, Lebeus Syzygy


This summer saw the highlight of our partnership with RIBAJ and their Eye Line competition as Director Joseph Robson joined Hugh Pearman, Will Alsop, Jess Fernie, Eric Parry and former winner Amelia Hunter in the judging. “Our judges were taking no prisoners this year… As a result, drawings were dropping like flies at RIBAJ towers” (Jan-Carlos Kucharek in RIBAJ August edition). With 202 entries shortlisted to 50 they certainly had their work cut out for them….

The highly committed and talented winners and commended entries were announced in an Eye Line focused edition of the journal alongside an article by Joseph himself discussing the enduring need for – and value of – drawing.

A Living Art by Joseph Robson2