By accurately combining an image of a proposed development with a representation of its existing context, Accurate Visual Representations “AVRs” explain the location, massing, degree of visibility, architectural form and choice of materials of a proposed development.

AVRs, in their most sophisticated form, give a very useful impression of how a completed development would look in its environment under specific lighting and weather conditions.

Our verification, video and perception studies have been used to support numerous successful planning inquiries, and praised by a number of notable QC’s for their accuracy and quality. We also offer an independent verification checking service to ensure any external consultant’s work can be trusted or relied upon at inquiry or planning level.

Accurate Visual Representation

  • AVR Level 0

    • Location of Proposal
    • Size of Proposal

    AVR Level 1

    • Location of Proposal
    • Size of Proposal
    • Degree of Visibility
  • AVR Level 2

    • As Level 1
    • Description of
      Architectural Form
  • AVR Level 3

    • As Level 2
    • Use of materials
The classifications above broadly define the visual properties an AVR represents. For more information please email us, or refer to the Supplementary Planning Guidance for London.



Real Life versus Render Gallery

It’s an interesting exercise to compare our original rendered images to the completed structure. The similarity is often striking and hopefully gives clients the confidence that we are providing CGIs that will ultimately reflect what is actually built.
  • Example
  • Example
  • Example
  • Example

London View Management Framework

The London Plan stipulates a number of important, protected views across the capital, views from parks and other public spaces that take in important buildings, to urban landscapes that help define London. Detailed guidance on protected vistas can be found in The London View Management Framework (LVMF).

AVR London maintains a complete catalogue of LVMF views as both summer and winter photography for use in planning applications, and updates this annually to capture the latest development across the London skyline. This valuable resource can be used to determine very quickly whether or not a development lies with a strategic viewing corridor, and to visualise any potential impact on the protected view.

Further to this, AVR London now have all the views in high resolution 360 degree images. To accompany their ground breaking use of 360 degree VR imagery at public inquiry, AVR London are the first company to have  the full set of these important strategic views catalogued online for all to see and enjoy.


LVMF 360s

Centre Point Restaurant

Old Burlington Street

Camden Town Hall

Moxon Street

Wembley NNW Lands

Eco House

Laser House

Centre Point Restaurant

Hayle North Quay

Everyman Liverpool

Nile Street

CD1501_PP_Grosvenor Square_View03

Nile Street

Springfield Road

225 Marsh Wall

Glengall – Greenwich Park

Stoney Street

Tanner Street

Lincolns Inn Fields