Virtual Reality Talk at Make Architects

Jacquelyn Jubert Events, Real Time

Last week we were thrilled to have the chance to deliver a talk on Virtual Reality at the office of Make Architects alongside fellow Arch Vis studio Recent Spaces.

Two years ago, we at AVR London expanded our repertoire to include real-time rendering and Virtual Reality. Since this journey began, a great deal has been achieved and technology has evolved from Oculus’ first development kit to the full consumer build we are now familiar with.


Throughout this time, the work we have undertaken has been a mixture of fun, challenge, and innovation. We have come up with solutions for design problems and created visually enticing VR and real-time visualisations. So, it was great to have a chance to show off what we have achieved so far.

One of the major developments we have been working on is using virtual reality as a design tool. We were able to use tools from Unreal Engine combined with our own custom functionality and design know how, to create new viewing methods for architects.

We had a great response from the audience at Make who, despite being used to new technology, were excitedly queuing up to take part in the demo. It was very refreshing for our real-time team to experience the impacts that their work is having on this emerging industry.


Seeing the reactions of professionals who were all excitedly clamouring to make this is justification for our team to continue to push the boundaries between the real and the unbuilt world. Our aim is to make Virtual Reality technology as integral to architecture as CG visualisations are now. Our studio is committed to collaborating with people who share our vision for the future of Virtual Reality and other ground breaking technologies that will change the face of architecture. Watch this space as we move deeper in to the future!