Architectural Illustration

Formed in 2006, AVR London is one of London’s most well-established architectural illustration studios and a leading provider of computer generated portrayals of the unbuilt environment. We work alongside some of the world’s most respected architects and developers at various stages of the design, planning and marketing cycle.

The backbone of our business is the creation of illustrative CGIs to help our clients win design competitions, elicit design stage feedback, garner support at public consultations, convince planning officers, communicate building usage and market off-plan to customers all over the globe. We are a versatile studio with a diversity of styles from sketchy and stylistic to super real. Of the utmost importance is the pursuit of a beautiful image that enhances the development whilst remaining true to the integrity of design.


Verified Images for Planning

In 2013 AVR London became the first Architectural Illustration studio in the UK to gain ISO 9001 quality assurance for verified photomontages. We remain the only practice in the UK to hold this recognised quality standard. Our finely tuned methodology ensures we can respond more quickly than our competitors to the tight deadlines our clients are often faced with.

Our verified images form an integral part of the planning process for UK projects and we enjoy relationships with many of the Townscape Consultants in London.

Working closely with teams of architects, developers and townscape professionals, we create verified visuals for public consultations, design review meetings, Design and Access Statements and Visual Impact Assessments, all in support of winning pivotal planning approval.




Real Time Visualisation

Real-Time 3D for use at concept or marketing stage is an innovative new visualisation technology in architectural illustration being used by forward thinking architects and developers.

We can offer real-time visualisation of your scheme allowing your clients to roam freely around the development, creating an immersive experience within which the user can interact, much as they might in a game environment – for example, changing the sun/shadow position, switching between different materials, design/furniture alternatives or opening doors, all in real time. It can be a very convincing tool for presentations, either as part of a competition, to sell the design, or as part of a marketing campaign to sell the development to potential buyers.

The focus at A-VR is on creating a polished, vivid experience which looks as good as AVR London’s CGIs.

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We have our own in-house render farm and are able to offer animated Fly-throughs and Walk-throughs for projects. Every animation project has its own bespoke elements; stylised, fully photoreal, motion tracking, verified video to the simplest of animated stills, so please call us to discuss your brief and together we can compose a storyboard to suit your requirements and budget.